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No 'Pink Friday' here
K.Flay is the academic without adhering to anything related to collegiate rap. The Illinois native is the dark horse of the new female rap crop as she's slightly more acidic in her lyricism. Born Kristine Flaherty, K.Flay's refreshing cynicism, …
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K. Flay on Money, Education and Why She's Okay With Having No Street Cred
Although she lacks the trust fund to prove it, K. Flay (born Kristine Flaherty) grew up in an affluent suburb of Chicago and received two diplomas while at Stanford (psychology and sociology). Yes, K. Flay has absolutely zero street cred.

One to watch: K Flay
K Flay's spit-fire rhymes shine through on 'Eyes Shut', her new free-to-download EP. San Francisco-based musician Kristine Flaherty, aka K Flay, is offering a free download of her new EP 'Eyes Shut'. K Flay's 'Eyes Shut' EP is available as a free …
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K.Flay's got flow. She's got beats. She's got a dual psychology and sociology degree from Stanford. Wait, what was that last part? Kristine Flaherty got a lot more than a degree from that recent stint at an elite college, thanks to an impromptu music …
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K. Flay Drops New EP 'Eyes Shut,' and Music Video for “We Hate Everyone”
Eyes Shut combines the perfect mix of hip-hop/electronic beats topped with Flay's sharp and smooth lyrical flow. K. Flay, real name Kristine Flaherty, recently left the Bay Area for Brooklyn and is gaining a significant amount of attention as an …
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Stanford dare inspired K.Flay to channel her anger in music
Social commentary: Hip-hop artist K.Flay – who went to Stanford – is making relevant statements on her EP “Eyes Shut.” As the fable goes, Kristine Flaherty's transformation from bookish Stanford student to hip-hop dervish K.Flay started on an innocent …
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Good Morning, Buffalo
Opening is another rapper, San Francisco-based K. Flay, real name Kristine Flaherty, who developed her punkish one-woman act while going to Stanford University. The new Niagara Holiday Market had a banner opening weekend, drawing more than 20000 …
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This video is a short compilation of interview and live performance footage of indie hip hop artist K.Flay ( The interview was filmed in New York City’s LES at Earth Matters Cafe and the show, one block away at Pianos. The video was developed as original material for the O&A website and produced by EyeStar Pictures production company. We’d like to thank Pianos and Earth Matters for letting us use their facilities. Big thanks to Kristine Flaherty, manager Seth Cummings and press rep Alexandra Comito (Stunt Company) for working with us. Credits: Caleb Heller – Camera Ander Kazmerski – B Camera Production & Post:
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beautiful K. Flay plays in the background as i mess around with some friends at western washington university.

Lyric transcription and subtitling by me. Header graphic adapted from K. Flay’s website. d/l link for this vid [WMV]: d/l link for just the song [160kbps MP3]: Bust Cohones Written and produced by K. Flay (Kristine Flaherty) KingAlanI review: K. Flay, the Suburban Rap Queen, tears into the sexism in the music industry (and the rap genre in particular) A common subject to be sure, but has inventive specific rhymes and good production (Instrumental intro 0:00-0:19) (0:19) Never owned Vans, but I rocked a pair of Airways Six spitting female rap chicks, it’s like a paradox Misogynistic misconceptions to the spell Get the half-rapping ass-tapping men feeling unwell (0:29) Flip the game just like a mattress Trudge through the bitch-slap cunt-heavy vernacular Gotta establish a new rap practice (0:36) Could give a fuck less that my name up on the blacklist But I’m not a hater, just a critic of the status quo Sick and tired of watching tit drills and hoes So I suppose I could go , goes and goes (0:45) The feminists go tell us to keep our legs closed, no go Gonna eradicate the ‘bimbo’ Chop off competition like a hungry hungry hippo (0:53) We don’t need all these double D’s Uncreative explicit instead of subtleties Just like a credit card through my ass crack, puh-leez You say ‘uhh’ like Master P Not packin’ heat, but gonna pack you in the back seat (1:04) Gonna read you all the inequalities off of my fact sheet Like how women make 75 cents for
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Bossy by K. Flay. She made it better and edible 4 ur brain. Visit and buy her stuff…like ‘Single and Famous’ or else she will starve to death… Quickly put this together using cheap video editing software…my first online video = ur visual stimulato PS – The static in the background ain’t mine…came from the mp3 I got. PPS – I own the scissors. K.Flay reawakens the Zombies’ hit, “Time Of The Season”. K.Flay performs her single, “2 Weak”.
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